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CloggersCorner – Connecting Cambodian Bloggers

The Cambodia Blogger team will attend the Internet Party 2008 at Sovanna Shopping Center on 23-24 May 2008. I will make the booth and call “The Cloggers Corner”.

CloggersCorner was created by volunteers from Cambodia Blogger (aka Clogger) and will joint Internet Party 2008 to contribute and sharing the next generation of ICT and second generation of Internet-base service technology to every participants. And everyone can meet, disuss, learn and practices in our space.

Internet Party is an annual event celebrates once a year on every MAY to help promote IT awareness, link Businessman, IT Managers and IT Professional together also promote the use of Technology by encourage student to focused on it.

Event Detail (
Date – 23 and 24 May 2008
Time – 9:00am to 7:00pm
Place – Sovanna Shopping Center (behind Inter-Con Hotel, next to Russia Hospital)

We, Clogger Team would like to invite all of you to join our space (The CloggersCorner) to share your knowledge and your creativity with Cambodia youth, with everyone who participate the internet party 2008. This is the great opportunity that everyone can meet and discuss with some great topics.

For more information or if you have something to present please contact me by (855) 12 31 67 81 or be_chantra[@]yahoo[dot]com.


Workshop at Royal School of Administration

On 5th May we had done the personal information technology workshop at Royal School of Administration with 95 participants.

The interesting was participants took their own laptop, probably 40 sets.

Most of participants who had laptop can create their own blog.
par-with labtop

PIT Workshop at Chenla University

As we had been announced now we had done PIT workshop at Chenla University with 75 participation.In practice session, students had practiced what they have learnt during presentation, specially practiced on how to create blog.

Both university committee and students really surprise of this new internet technology. They will comment their students to use this tools for their study.

Have been done workshop at RULE

On Friday, 18 January 2008, Our team have been done the workshop about Web 2.0 tools and Khmer Unicode & Software at Royal University of Law and Economic.There are over a hundred participants attended this workshop. As result in the evaluation form, we find that most of them are very interested in Web 2.0 tools specially “Blogging”. And they also interested in Khmer Unicode, that they can write their blog in Khmer Language.

This workshop had presented by Mr. Be Chantra, Mr. Heng Phan, Ms Chak Sopheap and Representative of City Link.

City Link has provided wireless Internet access (WiMax) during the workshop, so presenters and participants who has Laptop can access Internet for free. This made easy for participants to practiced what they have learned during presentation in practice session.

Cambodian Blogger Summit

(30-31 August, 2007) – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Venue: Pannasatra University of Cambodia

“Celebrating the international Blog Day (31 August) and international Software Freedom Day ( 15 September ) in Cambodia.”
Build upon the success of the 14 Workshops, the Cloggers Team is organizing a summit called “Cambodian Blogger Summit (aka Cloggers Summit)” on this coming 30-31 August 2007, to bring together students that has been well adopting lessons from the workshop, professional Bloggers, writers, NGO workers, media, and tech gurus from within and outside Cambodia to be together to share and learn more from each others on various topics regarding to the Internet and new technologies including Open Source Softwares and Web2.0 that would make their study, work, digital life more easier.

Please visit our websites:

Fill out the application form and send us today! No later than 22 August 2007.
Application form can be found at:

14th PITW was conducted

On 17th July 2007, our Clogger (Cambodian Blogger) team had presented about “Personal Information Technology” at Cambodia Mekong University from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm with 200 students participated.

The purpose of that workshop was to sharing Internet knowledge such as Internet communication tools, web 2.0, Blog… and introduction to Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software to the university students. That was the 14th workshop that we had been conducing at university.

Done! workshop at Human Resources University

On 11th May 2007, our team have joint and presented the personal information technology workshop at Human Resources University. 180 students has participated in this workshop. A lot of question related to internet availability, blog and Khmer Unicode has been asked and answered.

12th Workshop has been held at Norton University

On the 3rd of May, there was Personal Information Technology Workshop held at Norton university. There were around 100 participants joint the workshop. Most of them are from 3rd Year IT department, but as surveyed, not even 1 student has ever heard about Blog!

Anyway, the workshop went very well. This time there were a lot of questions, so many that we had to say sorry and cut them short. This is the 12th time that PITW has been held.

10th PIT Workshop at ASIA EURO University

On Monday 05 March 2007, PIT Workshop was held at Asia-Euro University (AEU). The workshop started at 2:30pm with the opening speech by Mr. Chhoeun Savorn, Director of Studies Research & Library Department of AEU and followed by a speech of Mr. Kheang from City Link.

The main presenters were Mr. Be Chantra, Ms. Kalyan Keo, Mr. Piseth, and Ms. Kalyan Keo (DeeDee). More than 350 male and female participants including monks attended the workshop with full attention and interest. In addition, there were media people from CTN and TVK to video the workshop and interview the deans and the CityLink people in order to broadcast in the TV’s daily news show.

The workshop went very well with a lot of questions being raised. In particular, CityLink awarded a package of gift to each person who was brave to ask questions. At the end, Mr. … of AEU gave a closing speech with full of satisfaction and gratefulness for the PIT Workshop team.

Workshop at Siem Reap

On 9th Saturday, December, 2006, we had conducted Personal Information Technology workshop at BBU, Siem Reap branch, 2 different sessions, one in the morning and another one was in the evening.

In each session, there were over 200 audiences from varied faculties, such as IT, English, Management,… It was another successful workshop progressed by Cambodia Bloggers cooperate with Build Bright University. We’re very happy to see that many students there now know about blog and are interested in the workshop. Sooner or later, we hopefully waiting to see more and more blog by Cambodians.

Along with this, PIT-Workshop has also been held at 10 Makara High school at Siem Reap Province as well.  The lab there is very great, one room occupied with about 16 laptops accessed to internet for student, another one there is about 36 new run-well desktops.

See some photos:

At BBU (Siem Reap) morning session.

Participants at BBU (Siem Reap) morning session.

Mr. Hor Virak

Ms Keo Kalyan (big Kalyan)

Mr. Be Chantra

Ms Keo Kalyan (small Kalyan)

At 10 Makara High School

High School LAB