We are group of Cambodian Bloggers who experienced in using the Internet for study and work. Together, we are trying to share our experiences to other friends by organizing a workshop called : Personal Information Technology Workshop.

The workshop, planned to be held in some 20 universities in Phnom Penh, is organized by a team of five Cambodian bloggers: CAMBODIA BLOG, Chantra (TRAJOKE, TRAACTIVITY), KALYAN KEO, and DEEDEEDOLL, and KhmerAk. Responding to our proposal, City Link agreed to provide material support such as labtops, copies of handouts and the ten tips to start blogging from Jinja, LCD projector and camera, while the TRAJOKE and KhmerAk coordinate with universities to get permission and space for free of charge. TRAJOKE also get some material from Khmer Open Software for participants.

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce university students the cutting-edge personal information technology such as email, online search engine, social network sites, online documentations, chat and call services,, Khmer Open Software and personal web blog. According to the time limit, the first part of the workshop aims to give participants the idea of what they could do on the web to enjoy, make friends and learn mostly for free as they could spend their time at their university computer lab.

The second part of the workshop is about practicing to create a blog of their own. We move all participants to computer lab and help them through a given hand out. As City Link is a sponsoring partner, it also has a short presentatio of its own on the avalibilty and affordability of internet connection in Cambodia.

The working team of the workshop also get assistance from our friends to take pictures, register participants and lots of more tasks as we need. They are very helpful.

For any Cambodian blogger who is YOUNG and wants to share your experience about blogging in our workshop, we hope we could share with you the opportunity.

Feel free to contact us for further informations.

Thank you!


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  1. Sochea on

    I would like to know where your locationis at. Please email me your address.

  2. Rithy of Cambodia on

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    • Kenny on

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  3. Jody Byars on

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