Done workshop at USH

Our team had done the 18th Personal Information Technology workshop at University of Science and Health.

120 participants attended this workshop. These health students seem didn’t know the web 2.0 tools such Blog, Social Networking, Photos Sharing, RSS,… they are very surprise about all this tools that let’s them to communicate, collaborate, sharing and especialy they can expresss their own idea to the world.


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  1. kounmae on

    Hello look all of students interested to study so much if i have a chance i will go to apply to study in there also .lol..

  2. Reabeagebra on

    Looks like you are a true professional. Did you study about the matter? hehe

  3. Sofia Aumentar El Busto on

    hello I want to say that I really liked your article and I could really identify with what is expressed
    Now I have a better idea about this, thank you very much

  4. Taimoor on

    Thank you! very useful post and a very informative Technology Blog

  5. haarlem oil on

    This page certainly has all the information I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  6. routna02 on

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  7. chhunmeng.kabkab on

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  8. jannettegarcia3902 on

    *ack*Serves him right for snooping.*shrug*Folks like him need to be reminded of their “eccentricity” from time to time. Now, I real Click

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