12th Workshop has been held at Norton University

On the 3rd of May, there was Personal Information Technology Workshop held at Norton university. There were around 100 participants joint the workshop. Most of them are from 3rd Year IT department, but as surveyed, not even 1 student has ever heard about Blog!

Anyway, the workshop went very well. This time there were a lot of questions, so many that we had to say sorry and cut them short. This is the 12th time that PITW has been held.


3 comments so far

  1. Gallussi on

    Please let us know if there are any events happening in Phnom Penh.
    You can add them to the forums so people can find out what is happening in Cambodia. I am very interested in finding out about cambodian arts and culture exhibitions.


    Have a good weekend.

  2. Longkheang on

    It’s similar way of ICT. Let everybody know what is new in the internet, moreover, all Workshop in free to learn and pratic.

  3. […] Early this month we’ve done it at Norton University, one of the big university in town, but unfortunately there were around 100 participants have joined the workshop. Check out here. […]

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