Workshop at Norton University

We would like to announce that the 12th PIT workshop will be held on 03-May-2007 at 2:00pm at Norton University.

We encourage everybody to joint and participate in this event.

All the best!


8 comments so far

  1. Sengtha on

    If you have time, please visit this website . This site collects all new entries from various Khmer Blogs. I really appreciate if you can introduce this site at PIT workshop.


  2. Lux on

    Wow!!!when did you change the appearance of this site…look really great.

  3. borin on


    I am also a Cambodian Blogger. It is a good news to hear that there are bloggers organize event to share and help new bloggers. After reading many of Cambodian blogs, there is one thing that come into my mind. The issues is Freedom of Expression.

    Yeah, there are many bloggers talk about different things, from a personal diary, photos, trips, to some social issues, korruptions, and everything else. In this comment I hope to raise the issues, whether bloggers should receive any form of protections in term of Freedom of Expression? We all heard in the news almost every week about the bloggers in China, Egypt.. and other part of the world get arrested because expression of their ideas. Fortunately, there’s no such thing happen in Cambodia yet! but we pro-actively bring this issues up?

    Good luck guys… I hope I can be there in the next work shop 🙂

  4. Jinja on

    Hi Borin,

    Here is a thought;
    There are groups like the Khmer Writers Association, and the Cambodia Book Federation. They have internal groups for novelists, screenwriters, childrens book writers … why not bloggers? We are writers too, just online.

  5. bandith on

    Hello, I’m Bandith, work for CM Magazine. Can you post or send me some of the photos of Work Shop at Norton Uni please. I need some of them to put on my magazine next issue. please attach me to

  6. trajoke on

    I saw you in workshop took some pictures.
    Why you ask us for pictures, what happened to your camera?

    OK, I’ll sent you next week!

  7. bandith on

    Damn it bro. all the pic are not usable pls send me as soon as possible. Is it ok for Wednesday this week? attach them to ma mail na. THx in advance

  8. borin on

    Why don’t you guys post the pics here? So that I can see too!

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