Workshop at Siem Reap

On 9th Saturday, December, 2006, we had conducted Personal Information Technology workshop at BBU, Siem Reap branch, 2 different sessions, one in the morning and another one was in the evening.

In each session, there were over 200 audiences from varied faculties, such as IT, English, Management,… It was another successful workshop progressed by Cambodia Bloggers cooperate with Build Bright University. We’re very happy to see that many students there now know about blog and are interested in the workshop. Sooner or later, we hopefully waiting to see more and more blog by Cambodians.

Along with this, PIT-Workshop has also been held at 10 Makara High school at Siem Reap Province as well.  The lab there is very great, one room occupied with about 16 laptops accessed to internet for student, another one there is about 36 new run-well desktops.

See some photos:

At BBU (Siem Reap) morning session.

Participants at BBU (Siem Reap) morning session.

Mr. Hor Virak

Ms Keo Kalyan (big Kalyan)

Mr. Be Chantra

Ms Keo Kalyan (small Kalyan)

At 10 Makara High School

High School LAB


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  1. Oudam Em on

    As a Cambodian American blogger, I salute you on your effort to expand awareness about blogging in Cambodia. I believe the internet can be a powerful tool to share ideas and Cambodian people closer together.

    Keep up the good work!

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