Setemper 16th: Newton Thilay University (NTU)

The third workshop of Personal Information Technology was held at Newton Thilay University (NTU) on September 16, Saturday morning. 102 participant including student, academic staff and media was joint this workshop.

Khmerak: Now that it has come to the third: Personal Information Technology Workshop

I was suposed to be one of the presenter there this morning, but so sorry I’ve been there late because of time confusing. The two members of the CambodiaBlog, Lux and Chantra, were enjoying their show when I have arrived. Suddently I have noticed one good thing that there is no more seat left for me because the room is full with more than 100 participants. So I have standed watching to the participants while they are carefully looking and listening…


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  2. Aviator1 on

    Is TEFL University accredited by Newton Thilay University?

    TEFL University is accredited by the following universities and organizations.

    Newton Thilay University
    TEFL TESOL Certification

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