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August 30 : Workshop at Panhasatra University of Cambodia

Our workshop has come to the second. Bigger and better, over what we were expecting.

Khmerak: Second bigger, better workshop of Cambodian Bloggers

Kalyan presenting infront of more than 400 participants. The second workshop about “the Personal Internet Technology” which is organized and presented by a group of volunteer Cambodian bloggers at one of the most famous publice University in Cambodia, Panhasatra University of Cambodia (PUC)…

Kalyan: Workshop at PUC

Yesterday our workshop on Personal Information Technology was held at PUC, and beyond our expectation there were about more than 400 participants including the Deans and the lecturers. I was very nervous…

DeeDee: Another big Workshop at PUC

This is a great day of our life history, probably. We gave apresentation to more than 400 students and academic staff at PUC andAlso in English and Chantra also made some funnies about his secondlanguage. It is a great success. Sadly for Viirak, if he were here, the workshop would be more joyful!…

Lux: Information Technology Workshop

After a few months of preparation, the workshop of Personal Information Technology has come to the stage. The first one was held at International University (IU) on Aug 21 with some 50 participants and the second was at Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC) with more than 400 students…

Tra: Information Technology Workshop at PUC

It’s my first time, present about Personal Information Technology infront of over 400 participants including students, academic staff and media…

And more people talking about our workshop:

The Global Voices Online: Cambodia: Personal Information Technology aka Weblog Workshop


Monday, August 21st : Workshop at Internation University

PITW (Personal Information Technology Workshop) first held at the International University in the morning of Monday, August 21st, 2006. Check the posts below from the presenters of the workshop.

Khmerak: Personal Technology Workshop

It was a great day yesterday, 21st August, before i am off to Malaysia. I have been talking at a workshop with Lux, Kalyan, Chantra, and deedee at the International University. It is the first workshop in the plan at many other universities in Phnom Penh. I have found that there are alot of…

Kalyan: Personal Information Technology Workshop at International University

On Monday Cambodia bloggers conducted a workshop on Personal Information Technology at International University. It was a great experience for me to be one of the presenters during that workshop.

DeeDee: Internet Experience Sharing Workshop

Yesterday, Monday 21st, I went to do the workshop, Personal Information Technology Workshop, at International University (Phnom Penh Thmey Campus) with our Khmer Blogger friends. Our friends volunteer to do this project as to share some knowlegde and experience in using the Internet, especially about Web blog

Moreover, the workshop has also been talked around among Cambodian Blogsphers.